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How to monetize your youtube channel and earn money from youtube

Hello friends,

                                                                 Friends, we are present today with this new topic and today's topic is going to be very special
 for you all, and in today's topic we are going to talk about how you can make money online, but there are many
 ways to make money online, but friends today, using the way we are going to tell you, you can earn a lot of 
money every month. Every person wants to earn a lot of money but making money is very difficult Still, today 
everyone wants to become a rich man, but there is a lot of money to be rich, but friends today we are going 
to tell you how you can make good money by sitting in your house, friends will be many, but how to make money 
by sitting at home easily, friends, we are talking about how to make money every month from youtube, so we 
will learn how to work on youtube and how long I will be able to make money from youtube and what we have to 
do for this and how long we will be successful on youtube and how long our youtube channel will be monetized, 
let's know more about how to make money from youtube.

How to monetize your youtube channel, earn money rom youtube
earn money from youtube

NO 1,
          work on youtube,
                                                               Friends now we are about to tell you how to work on youtube and how you can succeed on youtube 
as soon as possible, friends, the first thing you have to do is make a channel on youtube and then you have to 
choose the type of channel as if you know the technology well, you will have to choose a type of channel in your 
channel. Then you make good videos and upload every day on youtube and see some of your videos as soon as you see 
friends It will go viral and every day good views start coming on these videos and your youtube channel will become 
famous. Just keep uploading the videos. Every day it will increase your channel subscribers and your channel will rank. 
So let's learn more below.

NO 2,
                    channel monetization,
                                                                       Friends now talk about what channel monetization is and how and when it is available and 
what is the benefit of friends, you are now working on youtube and your channel is also good and now you want to 
make some money from it. Now friends, this is a youtube option that helps you earn money from youtube and it helps 
in the way that youtube has a law that your channel has four thousand hours watch time and a thousand subscribers 
until your channel is completed There will be no monetization and after the completion of four thousand hours 
watch time and a thousand subscribers, you will have to send your channel to the youtube team to monetization 
and the youtube team will see your channel and monetize your channel within a month. Recently, our channel will 
be monetized. Let's tell you what friends will do now after monetization and how to earn money, 
let's learn more below.

NO 3,
                  earn money from youtube,
                                                                                    Friends now we learn how to make money from youtube, now we have been able to make 
money from youtube and now we can make money from youtube. Friends, youtube will not give you anything from you, 
but youtube will give you 55% of what you earn, but you do not have to worry, you will get good money every month, 
where the money will come from different companies to see your ADS for your advertising and its money you get and 
when your youtube monetization enable Then you will see ADS on your videos and you will get the money and thus you 
can earn money from youtube.

NO 4,
                   watch this video till the end to learn the full method!

      thanks for watching n keep sport to follow us like share n subscribe for more

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