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How To Earn Money From Wahtsapp || Whatsapp Se Paise Kamane Ka Bhut Hi Easy Tariqa


                                                   Friends, we are here today with this new topic and we are going to talk to you about something 
very special today. We are going to tell you how you people can make money from WhatsApp as it is very important to 
make a living.
It is important and without money your life has become very difficult nowadays and making money from 
friends also goes very hard and if you rather than make money hard then you know of a way you know how to make money.

Earn it too and they are also very easy and friends what you are learning today is very important friends.
I would not 
have thought that you can make money using this WhatsApp and if you guys will be using WhatsApp for your benefit for 
a while then it is not a bad thing you will get money.
So today we are going to tell you how to make money from WhatsApp 
so let's know more about that below.

How To Earn Money From Wahtsapp,Whatsapp Se Paise Kamane Ka Bhut Hi Easy Tariqa
 Earn Money From Wahtsapp 
NO 1,
                Download& install,
                                            How to make money from the WhatsApp First of all, you will need an app that you can easily 
download from the Google Play Store on your mobile.
If you do not want to download this app you can also work on its 
website and create your own account and if you would like to install the app, please visit your Google Play Store.

Write za.GL and you will see its blue logo, click on it and install it on your mobile and if you want to work on 
this software on a computer then open Google Open.
Write za.GL, its website will be open and you can easily work on it. 
Now you know how it works and how it relates to WhatsApp and through it WhatsApp.
How to make money, then let us know 
more about it below.

NO 2,
               Earn Money,
                                               Friends, we know about this website and app. Now we know how we can make money through it. Friends, 
this is a link shortener. There are two benefits to it.a
nd others can make good money from it. How can they know how 
to make money? Now you may be wondering what WhatsApp has to do with this za.GL and WhatsApp.
How will you make money 
from it, they will do so, you will be using friends WhatsApp and you will also have groups and enough people you know.

What you will be talking about in your WhatsApp chat list that you talk to, etc. Now you have to do a lot of simple 
things. You just have to open your mobile UC Browser.
When you receive the news, you will open and copy the link to 
any of these news and then open the ZA.GL and you will get a box and paste the shortener below.
All you have to do is 
click on it and at the same time you will find a small link in the box below. You just have to copy the link from 
there and whatever groups you have above Watsapp,
Paste it inside
Now anyone who reads the news by clicking this link 
will get the money from ZA.GL's account and if friends are not interested in reading any news then no matter if you 
want to watch any movies etc.
f you are curious, you can copy any movie link on YouTube and shorten the link in za.gl 
and paste it in your WhatsApp. Now people will also watch the movie from your link and you will earn money.
That is, 
people who like to watch more just you have to make the link to this thing people will see it and ads will come on 
it and you will get their money. Now you are well understood.
If you want to know how to make money by working on the 
WhatsApp, let us know more about it below.

NO 3,
                 watch this video till the end to learn the full method!                                                                                                             

NO 4,
             click to download,

  thans for watching n keep sport to follow us like share n subscribe for more 

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