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|How to Download Whatsapp status video & photo|| WhatsApp status videos & photo kaise download kare|



                                                     Friends, we are here today with this new topic and in this we are going to talk about WhatsApp. 

If you know how to use WhatsApp then you should know all its features and flaws so that you can get it well.

There is an option inside the Friends WhatsApp app that you can put videos and photos to show your friends 
or you want to inform your friends about your life and share with them.
What you have in your life is that 
you love sharing it with your friends. Friends When you are updated with your friends.
If your friends will 
also be updated with you, they will also be connected with you through WhatsApp status about your life so if 
you find anything like them in videos or photos that are in their WhatsApp status.
If you like and you want to 
download to your mobile how would you download that data into your mobile then today we are going to tell you 
that any WhatsApp status videos or photos you
ow to download to your mobile so let's find out more below


How to Download Whatsapp status video & photo|,WhatsApp status videos & photo kaise download kare
Download Whatsapp status video & photo

NO 1, 

             DOWNLOAD & INSTALL, 

                                                             You need an app to download WhatsApp status for anyone in the Friends WhatsApp and its 
name is Status Saver such as Goggle Play Store on every mobile and you can also open your mobile Google Play Store.

And write the name of this app in it. The status saver will be its logo in green and you can easily install this 
app on your mobile by clicking on it and then when you open it on your mobile.
Then it will ask for some permissions 
etc then you will allow them so let us know more below.

NO 2, 

           Download Whatsapp status,
                                                         Friends now we know how we will download WhatsApp status in your mobile gallery 
so by installing Status Saver then you just open WhatsApp and you have to go to WhatsApp status and whatever 
All you have to do is look at them there and then you have to turn off WhatsApp and now you have to open 
the app you installed Status Saver which is now in your WhatsApp.
t will look like this and whatever you want to 
download to your mobile now you can simply click on it to download it.
So let's get to know more below.


NO 3,
                 watch this video till the end to learn the full method!

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