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| How to create google account || Google Account banane ka tarika | Latest trick


                                                     Friends We are here today with this new topic and in this we are going to tell you about a 
Google Account known as Gmail account email account and Google account.
In fact, this account is really your 
job if you use the Internet without it you can't use the internet at all because friends can use this account 
on your mobile and computer.
And it's very important for both of them if you want to use mobile and if you have 
a computer or laptop
Using it is very important if you then learn to let today's mobile Google account is made 
and how they know more about the computer.

How to create google account,Google Account banane ka tarika
create google account on mobile or laptop

NO 1,
               create on mobiles,
                                                           Friends talk about how you can create a Google Account on your mobile so first of all you 
have to open your Google Play Store. One thing to note here is that unless your mobile has a Google account.
ntil then, your Google Play Store will not be open when you open it. There you will see an option that when 
you sign up, you have to click on it and it will take you to the next page.
Will see two boxes and below you will 
see the children or if you are creating this Google account for yourself, select an option and then click on the 
next box.
In the name you want to create the Google Account you will see the first name, type the first name 
last name and click on Next and here you have to enter your complete details.
If you want to make your email by name, 
type in full and enter your password and click next. Here it will ask you for your number. It will be your choice if 
you want to give your number otherwise you can skip.
And then when you click on Next, your Google Account will be ready 
as well as your Google Play Store will be open as well as your Google Play.
The Play Store will be open, so let us know 
more below.

NO 2,
               CREATE ON PC,
                                                          Friends now talk about how you can create a Google Account on your computer or laptop Friends 
First you have to install Google Chrome on your computer and then you have to open Google Chrome by opening it.
If you look at the top right hand side, you will see the signup written so all you have to do is click on it and 
a new window will open, then you will have to enter your full details like first.
Name Lost Name Email that you 
might think of for example movies@gmail.com The way you might think email is you have to write it here and below 
you will be given your password.
You have to type and click on Next to open another window in front of you. This is 
where you will ask for your mobile number. There is no problem if you want to give it otherwise you skip it.
Now all 
you have to do is click on Next and your Google account is all set up. Now you can use your Google Account anywhere. 
So let's find out more below.

NO 3,
                watch this video till the end to learn the full method!

 thans for watching n keep sport to follow us like share n subscribe for more

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